Unveiling China’s Economic Slowdown: Impact of Slowing Factory Activity on the World’s Second-Largest Economy

Introduction. China, known for its rapid economic growth and industrial prowess, faces a significant challenge as its factory activity slows down. The recent decline in Manufacturing PMI for the fifth consecutive month has raised concerns about the health of China’s economy. As Beijing gears up to unveil its growth target

Imperfect UN: A Call for Major Reform Amid a Legitimacy Crisis

In today’s rapidly changing global landscape, the United Nations (UN) stands as a beacon of hope for international cooperation and conflict resolution. Established in the aftermath of World War II, the UN was envisioned as an organization that would promote peace, security, and cooperation among nations. However, as we step

How BRICS Can Push De-Dollarization and Avert a Global Dollar Disaster

Introduction The global financial landscape has long been dominated by the United States and its currency, the US dollar. This hegemony, often referred to as “dollar dominance,” has profound implications for the international monetary system, trade, and global economic stability. However, in recent years, there has been a growing sentiment