Asian Union: Will the Asian Countries unite to form Asian Union with the merger of ASEAN ,SAARC,NAM?: Prospects , Possibilities and Challenges

Asian Union: Prospects, Possibilities, and Challenges The concept of regional unions has gained significant attention in recent years, and one such potential union is the Asian Union. The idea revolves around the merger of existing regional organizations in Asia, namely ASEAN, SAARC, and NAM, to form a cohesive and powerful

The Flawed Electoral System And Good Governance

Pakistan has  been  the  most unfortunate country, governed  by  non professional Feudals ,Capitalists and  less  educated  legislators  who mostly win the  Elections by  rigging  , feudal  influence ,power and strength ,  leaving little  space  for  the  poor  segments of  the  society  to exercise  their  right to  vote for  the  candidates 

The Abysmal Security Situation And PML (N) Government

Suicide bombings , kidnappings  for  ransom and  Extortion  , forced  disappearances  and  sectarian killings  painting  a  bleak  picture of  law and  order situation in Pakistan  . The government’s kneeling down towards the  forces  of  evil is  a clear signal  towards  governance  weakness and  flaws  which need  to be  rectified   for