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Pakistan is Going to win today as Our Voters proved by giving tough time to their Leaders who went to them for canvassing. People quizzed the candidates that first give Account of their Previous Tenure of Five years and then ask for Votes.

The New  Set of Lies came while influencing the People and getting Support from the Voters  But this time the voters were not deceived as they were well prepared,  given the  Media Reports, Political Debates and  Social Media Findings as well as the Surveys that drove the last nail in the coffin and established the winning trends  of  the various Parties especially PTI, PPP and PML –N

The Candidates appeared helpless before the People during the Political campaigning. There were New faces who entered in the Politics very first time and Those who made alliances on the basis to defeat  PPP in Sindh to provide an alternative for the Prosperity of Sindh especially in  Education and Health Sectors. The infrastructure also needs to be improved and as well as the overall Governance Model. There is great Need of altering Centralized  Local Governance System as Local Governance is considered as basic Democracy and the choice of people.

With  PSP  and  GDA making their Debut as Alternative Forces followed by  Religious Parties  Alliance  (Muttahida Majlis-Amal )MMA appear as Strong Contestants and may grab sufficient Seats all over  Pakistan Especially in KPK, Baluchistan, Punjab and Sindh.

In this entire contest, PTI leads the rest based on the  Social Surveys, Gallup Pakistan Surveys, Surveys conducted by Various  Media Houses such as Dawn, Geo  TV and  Duniya TV.

The main contest is between PTI, PPP, PML-N and the   Independent candidates.  The political parties have left the vacuum in Baluchistan as No mainstream party staged any  Political Rally and There was no any Mass  Political Gathering from any leading Political Party  I.e PTI, PPP or  PML –N Except  Baluchistan  Awami Party, National Party of PkMAP and MMA.

The Causes may be the Ongoing incidents of  Suicide Attacks as Happened in Mastung where death Toll surpassed 100 Including the  Great  Leader Siraj Raisani of BAP. Peshawar  Suicide Attack gobbled Haroon Bilour and other  Party ANP. The latest was of Sardar Ikramullah Gandapur of PTI  killed in a  Suicide Attack in DI Khan along with other Party Workers. This insecure environment forced many parties to limit their Political activities as they could not risk the precious lives of their Party  Leaders as well as their energetic workers.

Despite all odds, All the parties tried to reach the Voters and Presented their Political  Manifestos before the People. The Manifestos were full of the new and the  old Promises such as the creation of Jobs, Improving Education and Health Sectors. Improving Infrastructure and Communication gateways. There were also reports of busying and selling of  Votes through Money in Some parts of the Country.

With ECP  tasked with a mammoth National  Duty assisted  by  Great  Polling  Staff (Trained and Groomed ) as well as given the  First Class Magistrate  Powers and Secured by  Police and  Pak Army Personnel at the  Polling  Station, It is estimated that there would be peaceful environment all-around at all the  Polling stations especially those  Polling Stations that are declared as “Most Sensitive” where  CCTV cameras have been installed for monitoring the  Polling process and avert any untoward situation throughout the country.

Even Army has also been given the Magistrate Powers to make security arrangements at all the Polling Stations.  The Best thing the ECP has done that is “RMS” Results in Management System powered by NADRA Experts.

The Presiding Officers were also trained during their Two days Training regarding “RTS” Result Transmission System. The Dedicated and hardworking Team of  Master Trainers and NADRA Personnel were engaged to train the polling  Staff regarding the use of Android-Based  ECP RTS Application and the way to transmit  NA and PA results to ROs, PEC of the Respective Provinces and the  ECP  Headquarters Islamabad.

These applications were activated by ROs one day prior to the Poll Day.   RTS will prove transparent and timely Result Transmission and it will contribute to the immediate Result consolidation Polling Station wise by Taking Screenshot of Form-45 Result of account.

Truly, the Credit goes to ECP for imparting training to the Polling Staff through the Development Partners  UNDP and  DAI throughout Pakistan. The  Dedicated and  Experienced  Masters Trainers were hired to fulfil that  Mammoth Task and The task was achieved quite nicely above 100% in Sindh,  Punjab, KPK and Baluchistan,  The Polling Staff is ready to undertake today’s polling Proceedings in a Professional Manner and with pride.

The field force of  Polling Staff will be assisted by the Police, The Rangers and the Army to ensure law and order within 400 Square Meter Radius. The Voting time will start from 8:00 Am and will continue without break till 6:00 PM.  The Results are expected to Start Pouring In by 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM and fill the Television Screens.

As per the updated list of  The Election Commission of Pakistan, There are total 3,459 candidates contesting for 272 general seats of the National Assembly whereas  8,396 are running for 577 general seats of the four provincial assemblies of Pakistan.

The National Assembly has total   342 Seats including 60 seats reserved for Women and 10 for Minorities. The Number of directly elected members is 272. The Majority Party is required to obtain at least 172 Seats to have simple Majority to form Government at Centre. The Number of reserved seats for women and Minorities may be inclusive in 172 Seats.

Punjab enjoys the huge number of NA seats i.e 183, followed by Sindh 75, KPK 43 plus 12 Fata seats after Merger the Total becomes 55, Baluchistan 17 and Federal Capital 2.  That means the parties will consolidate on Punjab,  the high number of  NA seats , Sindh and KPK as the third in a row.

If  PTI  wins  130 General Seats, 30 Women and Minority Seats and 20 Independents join them , they will definitely form their independent Government without any coalition partners. It falls short, then the alliances with MMA, GDA, Baloch  National Parties, MQM or  PSP could not be ruled out as  PPP appears far behind on national front since they have fielded insufficient candidates in Punjab despite having 183 Seats more than required  Simple Majority i.e 172 Seats.

With Leadership in Prison and Disarray, PML-N has not run its Election Campaign Effectively except media campaigns.  The  Media  Campaigns were huge by PPP and PML-N,  Moderate by PTI and MMA.

Moreover, for provincial assemblies, there are 4,036 candidates contesting for 297 general seats of the Punjab Assembly; 2,252 candidates will contest 130 general seats of the Sindh Assembly; 1,165 will compete for 99 KP Assembly seats and 943 will contest for 51 general seats of the Baluchistan Assembly.

If  PTI grabs maximum seats from  Punjab, KPK and few seats from Sindh, it will definitely form Government in KPK, Punjab and with GDA  in Sindh.  But it is up to the  Voters who they vote for and who they want as  Next PM of Pakistan.

Since their votes will decide the Fate of Imran Khan, Bilawal Bhutto or  Shahbaz Sharif as their  PM  for  Next Five Years.  These  Elections are very vital to resolve the issues such as weakening of  Rupee against the dollar ,since it will be the tough challenge for the Finance Minister of the New Government, Followed  By  Energy crisis, law and Order, Education, Health and  Construction of  New Dams for Electricity  Generation and overcoming the  Power Shortfall.

Whoever becomes the Next PM, he will have to solve the long-standing issues and bring Prosperity in Pakistan.  He will have to revisit the foreign Policy,  Internal Policy, water Policy and  Economic Policy to carve them to suit the needs of the country and ensure  Service Delivery.

So , Dear fellow  Pakistanis, be it rain or Sunshine, leave the houses today and cast your precious vote for change.

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