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People  of  Pakistan  are mostly  considered by some  Observers  and  Analysts  that   ,are  easy to be  fooled  since  they have  little  Knowledge about the evil designs  of  the People who pretend  to be  noble  for the  People but actually they  have  been performing the mission of  those  non state  actors  as  the term suggests and  those  who want to de-stabilize  the  Country and  derail the Transitional  Democracy which has  not reaped  the  Fruit  yet  since the  Frequent  Coup d’états  have  really  crippled  the  democratic  Process ,Democratic Institutions and  the most threatening  is Militancy and terrorism  in Pakistan which  is  said  to have  set  deep root  in the  Country and  sabotaged  the  very roots of  the  country .

In the  Post  9/11  Arena  , Pakistan has  suffered  a lot in respect of  Human  Loses  being the  front line  state  to  bear the wrath of  the  people  being  suppressed  by the  United  States  to avenge  the  9/11  Strikes  which  had  destroyed the  World Trade  Center .

The  Powerful NATO  forces  pounded Afghanistan  on the  Pretext of  Osama  Bin Laden  Chase  who  was  said  to have  fled  to this  country and  to topple  the  Radical Islamic  Government of  Taliban in  Afghanistan led  by Mullah Umar  the  Chief  of  Taliban Regime in Afghanistan . Due  to War trodden Afghanistan  , many peaceful citizen took  refuge in Pakistan  specially in Peshawar  ,  GB and  Karachi  .Pakistan was  not provided  with any  help to bear  the burden of  these  refugees  whose  camps  were  set  up in KP  and later  most of  the  people  moved  to economical  Metro Cities  such as  Karachi , Peshawar  , Quetta  and Lahore .Pakistan has been paid  a  aid  in its  War on terrorism Mission which has  made  the state prone to anti State  elements who  consider Pakistan as ally to the United States  in its  war  on terror  as  express  their hatred  by spreading terror in the country through Frequent Bomb blasts and attacks  on religious  leaders and  creating interfaith disharmony in Pakistan .

The target killings in Karach , Balouchistan issue and  Tribal clashes in KPK has  compelled  the  Government to consider the  other options since  a targeted  and organized  move  can eradicate these  problems  from the country as  so far the Government has  failed  to tackle  the  Militancy , Talibanisation and Target killings  as  hundreds  of  Innocent people  have lost the  lives  an some of  the politicians and last were   Bhashir Bilour of ANP and MQM’s MPA Manzar  Imam. This  bloody games  seems to have no end .

If we  go back in the  past , we  will find  that the  TTP  group had  announced  the Promulgation of  Islamic  Shariah  in Swat valley as  they captured  the  whole  city  and  put it in their  control and  challenged  the writ of the  Government in the Regime of  General  Pervez  Ashraf  .

Later , The Current Government initiated  the  Swat  Military  Operation and  it was  well targeted  and got  the  Swat freed  from the Hold of  TTP  who  said  to have  imposed  Islamic  shariah in the  Swat Valley  Turning  a  economically  Rich and  Tourism Revenue  generating Valley  into  a  battlefield  and  destroyed  its infrastructure completely  . But people  were  Happy  when the Operation was over and they returned to their hometown   after  Conflict was over and  Peace  was  restored in the  area  which was  earlier  the den of  Militants  fighting  against the  state laws  and  challenging the  writ of  the  Government. Well , these  were  the memoirs of  Past  which still remain fresh in our  minds  owing to their  gravity and bloodshed.

Well ,Coming back to the  Qadri –A dual nationalist –Pakistan and Canadian  ,appeared  on the scene suddenly after  five  years or so ,and at time  when the  Government is going complete its tenure and  the News of  Elections  2013  in the  Air  .All of  Sudden, the Qadri’s appearance astonished everyone and Government as Government  is  already engulfed  and gripped  in internal as  well as  external threats  besides  the  drones  firing on the  hideouts of  Taliban Leaders  by United States and  tough border situation with Afghanistan.

Columnists have expanded the term drone to other issues as well as they termed  Altaf’s Drone attack on Quaid-e-Azam’s and  some  writers  also  termed Qadri’s  Sudden Long March  as  Drone  Attack on the  Government  as  every person feared  the  fragile  government of PPP  which has  already lost   Popularity as well as mandate  and  whose  One  Prime Ministers  have been  disqualified on contempt of Court ,Other was disqualified  before Nomination in ephedrine Case and third one has been booked  on the charges of  corruption in Rental Power Plant RPP case   by the  Supreme  Court of Pakistan headed by Justice Iftikhar  Choudhry  who was  restored  in the  current government after a long and  proactive  movement of  Lawyers as former military  dictator , had  removed  him from the  Office of  Chief  Justice of  Pakistan .

Starting with Mammoth rally in Lahore  jointly with  MQM , it was  estimated  that a  fourth  Power  has  emerged  on the scene, followed  by MQM  Rally in Karachi . Both the rallies had thousands of people gathered to listen to sheikh Qadri. Everyone  was  astonished  to see  that From where such huge  mob has  emerged  and  who was  the  person behind  his  Long march and  Lahore and  Karachi Rallies  .

One  thing is  sure that  MQM was  the  companion of  Dr  Qadri  in  Lahore and  Karachi  which may be  reason  in light of political pundits that  people  in great  numbers  had  assembled  there to listen the  Qadri’s Speech and later the four point Agenda based on the demands of : Immediate Dissolution of  Government  Federal and Provincial , Reconstitution of the  Election Commission , Reforms  in  the Constitution and  the Last demand was  to  put the rein of  county in the non-political  care Taker  government  who may  hold  Impartial and  Transparent Elections  .

The Tehreek Minhajul Quran Chief Allama Tahirul Qadri wanted immediate  change which is impossible  in the presence of  Democratic  Government as the method of  reforms  was  not constitional and democratic  as  he  was  criticized  by the Analysts owing to holding of  dual nationality as  Supreme court had  already disqualified  the MNA’s and MPA’s  on the  issue  of  Dual Nationality including Interior Minister Rehman Malik and  Finance Minsiter Mohammad Hafeez  Shaikh.

The  Four points  agenda  had  irked  the  Current government as  well as  the  coalition and  opposition parties  as  the demand came  at the  point when  democracy  had  hardly set  foot and  country  was  going to hold  the  upcoming elections  after the tenure of  the  current Government  ends  on 16th March 2013 .The Qadri’s and Long March had become the much discussed  issue  in Media and Political Circles , even  the  politicians got closer  to face this  new  threat to democracy as they  all did not want to Military to be dragged  in the affairs  of  state when an elected and public mandated  Government is in place .The also quizzed  Qadri that  what made  him to come back after five years  for  reforms  and where was he earlier . They made  it clear  that  if Qadri has  any plans  , must enter the  mainstream politics  and bring change through ballot.

In Nutshell, Allama Tahirul Qadri’s  Long  march did not yield  fruit and  his  four days  long March  and protest  attended by Thousands of  People  including men , women and children made  no headway out in and there was no effect upon the  Government  , despite  Supreme Court’s  Order  for  the arrest of  PM in Rental Power Plant case ,came in when Dr  Qadri was  delivering the speech . After the  long discussion an agreement reached between Qadri and The  Government representatives , Dr Qadri ,at last,  nodded  to the requests  of  Government  .Earlier , All Opposition Parties held   Press  Conference  in Lahore in favour of  democracy which was  said to have rescued the Government as it was  declared  unanimously that no attempt of derailing the democracy system will be tolerated and Mehmood  Achakzai said that If they were  compelled  then they will make every city a “Tehreer Square” . Qadri’s  Only one  Point was  considered  in the  agreement  that  whenever the Caretaker  Government  was  set up  , Qadri’s  Awami Tehreek would  be  consulted  as  all  of his  other  demands,  has  not been accepted  .

Qadri’s  Long March  at one  stage  was believed  to  have compelled  the  Government to take the bitter  decisions followed  by Big Strike of  Hazaras  in wake  of  Quetta  Killings  due to series of  Bomb Blasts resulting deaths of 106 people most of  them related to Shia Sect resulting  imposition of  Governor’s Rule in Baluchistan for Two months ,

The Way the Long March Hype  was created  through TV Advertising , the Long March made  no output as  Everybody was analyst and making their  own predictions for the dissolution of the PPP Government but luckily no such thing had happened  except the  controversial Raisani’s Baluchistan  Government where the  Governor  Rule has been  imposed for  Two Months  as  No further  development has  surfaced  .Since  Raisani’s government had  lost its mandate and Law and order  situation was  getting worse  day by day and there was  state of  anarchy and people were feeling disillusioned from the poor steps  of  Government which had  fallen prey to internal political conflicts between the speaker and CM Raisani.

Even the Resignation of NAB chief was proved false as the news was broken from BBC . The  recent Suicide  News  of  Investigation Officer of  NAB who was  investigating RPP case ,  has  spread  a  shock to the  Political and social circles, and  the Media has  hooked  itself  towards  this  issue  after  the  Long March Drama and  Show n was  over  in Islamabad breeding no results  despite  the expenditure of  Millions  in Hiring the Transport and  Food. The  Long March has  also removed  the  Cover of  those  faces  who said  to be  the well wishers of  people and united  for their  vested  Interest. One  thing is also clear  that  At first two rallied ,MQM had backed  Long March, but its sudden withdrawal after the  coalition parties meeting held in Karachi may be the cause of  its failure  as  MQM  had  withdrawn from the  Long at Eleventh Hour , which shows  the  clever thinking of  MQM which put Qadri in the  desert to walk on the thorny  Route to reach Islamabad  and  Address the Mammoth sit in which was once boasted and  predicted  to be  over 4 Million where  as  media  reports disclosed that the  number of protesters  was  just 40000 to 50000 only . The Number mattered for the Qadri as he  had  expected  more People to exert pressure over the government to accept his demands .

Now, when Qadri is taking rest after the series  of  speeches at Islamabad or may be planning  yet another Move , we  do believe and demand that  the  transitional  democracy  be left to cement its foundations and the Government should be left to complete its tenure  which has only 58 days left  to go home  and vacate the Hot seats . At  this critical and important  juncture  , the  Country can’t afford  to  bear  the brunt of  any attempt to derail the democracy or  impose the Marshal law or  any other move with whom democracy may be disrupted or derailed .This is the second Government in the history of Pakistan , which completing its tenure as in past  the  governments were  either toppled by Marshal Laws or conspiracies hatched against the elected Governments .

We  all know that  Democracy is the great weapon to defeat the enemies and It is high time that we  should know and make it clear  that Military matured and their status has been raised and we regard military in high esteem on the practice of keeping itself away from the Political issues , which is welcome sign of maturity . They have been successful in removing the negative impression against military and they should not be dragged to de-stabilize  the country. The Politicians  should  not be impatient for  58 days and wait for the Impartial Care taker Government and direct their efforts to Election and prepare their Manifestos and get ready for the  biggest event for the People . let the People choose  whom they want to see  in the assemblies with changed faces and new ideas to  stabilize  the country and help build  this nation a  strong nation as dreamt by Quaid-e-Azam .Let the Military do  their job of guarding the frontiers rather than interfering in the Legislation and Democratic  Institutions as  it was  evident in the past that those  who  invited  Military to hold the reins  of  country ,later  seen  contending ,crying and complaining against the  Marshal Law Administrators . Only Tolerance and Patience would be the key till the end of  tenure of  the current Government  on 16th March ,2013 . It is also good news that the tentative date  for the Election has been announced  which is  04 ,05 and 06th of June 2013 .


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