Strategies for Socio-Economic Development in Pakistan

The Real development transforms people’s lives not just reflect the economic statistics meant to impress the public that Government has undertaken various development projects to improve the living standards, but it would make no sense if human Development Index paints a  dismal picture since Countries Like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Regulating Testing Services in Pakistan for Promoting Meritocracy

Testing and assessment services are rampant in Pakistan as most of Public and Private Sector recruitment is done through these  Testing services. These Testing services are also entrusted with the duty of conducting Admission, Scholarship and Entry tests of Undergraduate, Graduate, Post Graduate, MBBS, BDS, BE and other related degrees.

Digital Pakistan Internship Portal Launched

Federal Secretary Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication Shoaib Ahmad Siddique inaugurated the Digital Pakistan Internship Portal here on Wednesday. This is a major milestone in efforts to accelerate the growth of IT Industry in Pakistan as the newly developed, state of the art portal would enhance collaboration and cooperation